Winter in uk/London

Yes,is true we have today lots of snow around the city as the most parts of Europe!its snowing as in your child dreams,or at least in roumanian child dreams because we are used with cold winter and snow!Here in London most of the kids maybe never saw any kind of snow and its something new ,they are not enjoying to much and the council its not ready for this situation so all that they do to clean the road they throws some salt all over to help the drivers and the people for a safe drive or walk.Yesterday was the beginning for a real winter,I mean not just cold but with lots of snow also,I can say I enjoyed and for my cat was the first snow also so she acts so funny,doing small steps on the white snow and trying to understand what’s that,she makes me laugh😁🐈.Once I arrived to my work all the people complaining,wow what a weather I told them to enjoy the change and the fresh air,because this nature we can t change anything just to live nicely every moment!


So wish you a lovely week and enjoy the winter peoples from everywhere!

Lots of love!

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  1. Love it!💖


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