Passion-eyelashes extension❤

How i start one of my days?!🤔

Normally I like to sleep more because I am writing or reading something before going to sleep so my sleeping hours are about 7.

If I have appoitments for eyelash extensions,usually I start 9 o clock ,so I need at least 1h before to be awake and get ready for my client.I drink a coffee with lots of milk,more milk then coffee😆 and like it hot,very hot otherwise I am not finish it anymore.

Passion for beauty I had it always,and I have done a course to became a professional beauty therapist and eyelash extension technician ❤ and much more coming soon!My job is make my happy and I am always in contact with my clients being ready always to help them.I love to create new looks and perfect lashes as for the girls its very important to have a good looking from morning to night.I dedicate lots of time but I don t feel it ,I am doing everything with pleasure so I am enjoying my job.

After lots of work are coming our holidays which is my first passion :travelling.All the time I am thinking like this you work hard today and you will be very happy tomorrow;not imagine now like I don’t have any of that days when you don’t want to get up from your bed 😆 of course I have especially when it’s raining and its cold as well but my dreams motivate me always to do more for me and my future .

So my advice is to do always what s make you happy,choose the job which one you doing with pleasure.

Lots of love❤

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