Sheesh -Chigwell

This is what i say a good place to eat tradional Turkish meals,good desserts,friendly service and the ambiance and all the design it is transferred me in another world!A place which one I didn’t expect to be like that thinking as is just in the forest ,it’s like a small village there and when I arrived surprise ❤

It was an amazing evening celebrating a birthday of one of my friends with good cocktails and some Efes beer for the man’s plus the chicken sheesh and chicken legs on the grill (very tasty); and we ask a little favor for our friend ,on her desert to bring a candle and we all sing to her happy birthday.

We all had enjoyed our evening and for sure we will come back👍

If you want to party goes on you,after dinner you can go upstairs for clubbing😎

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2 gânduri despre „Sheesh -Chigwell

  1. Of,of,of,Danutza, esti superba,sunteti superbi!!!Nu ca va cunosc s-au te cunosc. Fericiti,traiasca ,sanatosi sa fie parintii tai,sotul tau si tu in special!!!Esti o fiinta minunata,exceptionala!!!Respect!!!

    Apreciat de 1 persoană

    1. Iti multumesc frumos pentru cuvintele frumoase❤


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