The most beautiful sand,beach ,sea…Cancun­čĺľ

I am still here and i am in love with it,discovering more every day and never being ready to stop looking and admiring the beautiful blue sea with the amazing waves washing the white sand of Cancun. People are amazing helpful and friendly,trying to make you feal so comfortable with the place and their country.Been in Xcaret one day and it was amazing adventure special on the beautiful natural rivers ­čĺľ tomorrow going to Isla Mujeres and the trip goes on…just love it

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    1. thank you ..its just a part,i am still here and coming with more ­č徭蜏

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  1. just one of those many unforgettable memories you will have
    after your totally amazing trip south of the border. great photos!!


  2. Great post about Cancun! The picture of the Cenote makes me miss Cancun so much.



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