Why October?!

i love to travel in October,first of all ,because is my birthday on 19 and me and my husband we made a deal to never work on our anniversaries and travel somewhere nice,a trip just for us; then Christmas and Easter we love to spend it with familly because we are Christians ortodocs and we like to share time with family, going to the church ,having a nice dinner and sharing our stories because we live in different countries then for us this is quality time.

So lets come back to our times,and our holidays..😁✔ we always pick some places to travel in October and then my husband birthday July; its always a different place because is nice to learn more about world and cultures and one od them is in Europe and second one is Asia,Africa or America.

This year we’ ve picked Turkey(Antalya) and Cancun (mexico) ,both of them beautiful and so different in the same time.In this moment still in Cancun enjoying the last days of very hot days,blue Carrabien Sea and the mexican music💖 then we have to work and get ready for Romania!

Now lets speak about October..its a lucky month or not?!hmmm..lets see for me,i think just bring me luck in everything what i m doing and i really believe that the universe gives us what we deserve,because i believe also in law of attraction i’ve choosed to be a Zen person with dreams and believe in them;

and also i never forgot to be thankful and greatful for everything what i have accomplished;dont believe everything was always perfect,i won but i ‘ve lost also ,then lost again but never lost my feith that i believe in God and also in my dreams!nothing coming from the sky guys ,life is a litle faith but you have to be confident in your power and your mind and for sure at the end you will be happy.

October is an autumn month and what😁 season doesn t matter especially if you are travelling in this month,some countries there are amazin hot💖

the thing is i don t like to complain about things,i m always trying to find a solution for everything, i m a positive person and i like to have a positive impact on the people im talking with..

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  1. It’s nice to trave in this period. Especially to exotic destinations. At least speaking from my point of me.

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