the most embarrassing thing thats happen in your life?

Don’t tell me you didnt have one of that moments when you want to disappear for a moment?!!🤔

i think is normal and human to once in life or maybe twice to have or to live one of embarrassing moments; me at school i can say a been a quite good kid until one day 😆

when the theacher was speaking with all of us and try to explain us something on Psychology and we really didn t care about,and she was keep trying to get our attention but me and my colleagues, we was having so much fun throwing papers balls in eachothers until she was screaming SILENCEEEEEEE😶😶😶🙄

Everyone stop the game and the teacher of course beeing angry she wants to punish someone and of course who you think ?!🤔🤨

Me…sure i say and keep trying to complain with no chance of winning..

She is asking whats she was talking about and of course i didn’t know and 3 question from the old lesson and breakkkkk 😁 she wrote down my performance at the time of grade 3.OMG

My mum ,always told us we don t have another responsability than study to became who we wanted (me and my older sister) what you think in 3 days was the meeting with parents in school and sure,my mum found that i had been naughty and not listen nothing on my teacher and she was very upset on me because she feel embarrassed in front of the other people when she heard that about my performance ,as it was first time she always used to came in the school speaking with my teachers and it was weird and embarrassing for her to find out i was bad.So all the way to home she was keep telling me ,what was in your had,hope nerver happen again,you are not in the park you have to study when you are on school..bla bla

I was so embarrassing because once in life i been disappointed my mum which trust me lots,so i Said i my mind i will never listen this story again,this complaint and i will show her my best

That one was one of my embarrassing moments,i done much more things😁😁 but she never catch me,so what you don t know can t make you feel bad..haha

Now i m laughing, that time i didnt at all!

So lets hear your story guys !!!!

lots of love 💖💖

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