Life is more beautiful when?!!?

Be happy,not because everything is good ,but because you can see good in everything!

So ,lets see when is normally life more beautiful,when we are sad or happy??of course when we are happy,so what we can do to be happy ?anybody????

yes,let me tell you just few things when life is more beautiful:

1-when you are in love with somebody and just thinking on that person or reading a text from him/her you are  just smiling;

2-when you wake up and put your favorite song on repeat for 3 4 times💖;

3-when you love your job and is makes you happy every single day of your life!

4-when you’re laughing with all mouth and you feel your belly is hurting ,quality time with friends;

5-when sometimes you just want to be lazy in your bed and watch a nice movie or just listening how is raining outside,enjoying the silence,your space;

6-you speak or spend time with your best friend,lover,husband ,cat etc;

7-when you have best friend next to you and which one is listening all your crazy ideas or your problems;

Omg life is so beautiful to be sad,so please people to not complicate it with stupid things,be the best you can be and spread happiness around you,its so  easy!

Lots of love 💖💖💖💖


2 gânduri despre „Life is more beautiful when?!!?

  1. Love the beginning line! I think happiness is 100% about perspective. We could have it all and still not be happy until we appreciate what we have. Great post, keep it up!
    Well deserved follow 🙂
    I recently posted a happiness post about the obstacles we’ll hit in our life. Could you take a look and leave a like and follow if you enjoyed the read? Thanks a lot 🙂
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    Keep inspiring!

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  2. Thank you so much!i read your post and is very nice also,i m a very very positive person and i try always to see the good things no matter what,rich or poor if you believe in your dreams you can make it ,have a nice lufe!


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