How do we start a diet??🤔

let’s see…what’s the first step in this situation when you decide to loose some weight and to eat better and healthy in the same time!

You don t have to be fat to adopt a healthy life (foods and sports) you just have to feel its time to change litlle bit the body of a fluffy girl💖 in a better version of yours,with curves but nice abdomen!Believe me all what you need is ambition,motivation,information and a weight scale!

Many people will say :ohh i never liked diets ,i can’t doit because i like food,cookies etc..yeah thats ok but all what you have to do for beggining to have a limit!

Maybe people will say also ohh girl you look very well like that ,lets have some fast food oh yea..😐( better to not);

i think you like a dress to fit very nice on your body or you love to have plenty energy,because with the weight are coming lots of things which makes your life maybe a bit difficult.

Me ,i always liked to be slim and clothes look nice on me💖 and for that i m trying to do my best !

We Respect the 3 meals in a day with a difference between them 5h ,so if i have a small breackfast because me i m one of that persons which can t eat if you have your first meal at 8 or 9 ,the next meal its going to be at 13.30 -14pm,then diner at 19-19.30 pm at least 3 h before you are going to sleep.This is first step ,we call it Discipline.

Second step you start to have half portion of food and sure not fast food.

Just like a litlle thing to say ,don t believe who loves you,just loves you how you are because after 35 years old it is a difference and that words not working anymore, specially for the ones who are alone or some missed relations ,some of the ladies are loosing their trust, their confidence but after you gonna start to love your body you will start to change your psychic as well and you are going to be more confident ,believe me.💕

You have to speak with a nutritional professional person if you think you can t do your own diet because you don t know whats right and healthy to eat.Just like a litlle information to keep the weight which one you like you have to use about 1800 calories but if you want to loose weight you have to reduce this amount to 1200 calories,to cut all the fast foods meals,sauces,fried stuff which is staying in our way to touch the conformation which one we wish and to start some fitness life as well which is so nice and its makes you feel so strong ,beautiful and powerful. 💪

This is just few things for a beginning in a healthy and beautiful life,and i think its helps you also to be a organized person and to have a discipline.

I will came back to you in my next article with the first easy diet when you can eat lots of nice things and you gonna tell me its really easy to look better and have better lifestyle and nice body.

So we keep in touch guys!

Love you!💖

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