Christmas decorations in London

London its the city where i am living right now and last nigt i’ve enjoyed a nice evening with friends in the heart of London!

I can say its already smells like Christmas…love this feeling and its remind me always about the moments when I was a child­čĺĽ

Just i am sharring few photos with you from Regent Street,oxford street and maybe i will see you around!

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  1. Very festive! By the way, I love your red boots.

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    1. ohh yes here after 15Th of November central London is like that!thank you,boots are a gift­čĺĽ

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  2. Khushbu Rastogi 18 decembrie 2018 — 10:59

    Beautiful pics­čśŹ­čĄę­čĄę


  3. I just love the christmas lights of London!!


    1. yes me too, was so nice ­čĺľ­čĺľÔŁä


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