First Diet

ohh we can loose weight so easly ,but how i said in my post before you need ambition,motivation and of course Discipline.

I know fight with weight is not easy for some of us because we like food but here i came in your help with a very nice and complete diet which been approved from doctors and nutritional professionals people , but in any case if you suffer of any like diabet or cardiovascular disease its better to consult a doctor begore any tipe of diet.

Diet Rina-
falls into the category of dissociated diets, which means that one day you can consume foods from a single category: carbohydrates, proteins, etc. and is a diet that promises sensational results;

Because you will consume foods from a single food group, you will facilitate digestion, and this will speed up the weight loss process.

Another good thing is that you don t have to worry about the weight you have lost maybe you gain very quick back ,no ! Once you follow this diet you accelerating your metabolism.­čśë
This popular diet is gonna make loose 10kg in 90 days eating lots of tasty things but The Rina diet consists of the succession of a 4-day group until the end of the 3-month period. It is recommended that at 29 days you interrupt the diet for a day in which you will only consume water.

Very important:every day from this diet you will start your day with fruits for breackfast and tea ,coffee with no sugar at all.

Day 1-with proteins

You will eat only proteins, different tipe of meat (turkey, chicken,pork,fish) cooked on the grill or boiled.In case you don t want meat you cAN eat 2 boiled eggs cheese plus salads for both meat or eggs; its important like for lunch tu have 200g proteins.

Suggestions of aliments :

-chicken,pork,turkey,beef,cabbage,garlic,tomato,cornyflower,broccoli,carrots, cucumber,olives,ginger,parsley,eggs,mozarella ,yogurt.

Perfect so with all this you will prepare your meal for first day of protein day.

Day 2-vegetables

Second day after breakfast you will prepare lunch and dinner with mixt vegetablesin the oven ,steamed or some light sauces.

List of aliments you can have:red peppers,onion,potatoes,broccoli,mushrooms, rice,cheack pies,peas,beans,tomato carrots,lenses.

Day 3-carbohydrates

lucky day with naughty meals pasta pizza ,od course small quantity (lasagna,pizza,icecream ,chocholate,cakes) but not everything you have to remember always small portions.

Day 4- vitamins

Day 4 must have only fresg stuff as row vegetables ,fresh juices, nuts,peanuts which you will eat every2 h. (banana,rasberry,strawberry, plums,

After the four nice days completed you will star again in day 5 with day one ,2nd,3rd,4th and you will do this 90days.

Aftet you been finshing the diet ,i m sure you will be happy and with a discipline in you life you can eat most of the foods.

Hopefully i was giving you a good advice and if you want more information make sure you let me a comm.

Love you and good luck!­čśë­čĺľ

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