Bokan -sky bar level 38 (Novotel hotel)

hello my sweet readears!i hope everyone star well the new year 2019 and start to their planes and of course to not forget , the most important thing, enjoy every single moment (even your job doit with pleasure ) and create memories (every day has to be a story about us)!

Because the 2 jobs i m doing ,keeping myself busy i didn’t have enough time for my blog but i promise i will try to write at least weekly something and to be in touch with your stories also.

Today i will tell you my nice experience in a rooftop restaurant which one i have been recently and the meals i tested.

Bokan restaurant at level 38 of hotel Novotel from Canary wharf-London!

So..i ve booked a table for 3 people ,me,my husband and a friend because we been in many top restaurant in london which i have to share with you,so we said lets see london from this side of London as well!

Very nice views over the city and believe me beeing there ,in real is much amazing i can show you in photos!

The service is very good ,always taking care about your needs and very welcoming!

For beggining you let your coat with the reception place then they will show your table!someone coming straight away to ask you if you need some water,sparkling or still water then give you the menu which by the way its not very big (more wines and drinks then main meals ­čśü) .

I ve maked myself comfy and then took some photos around to can share something with you as well.

I hope you like my photos with hubby1­čÖĆ­čĺľ

So only after my photos we decided to take a look in the menu ,i wasn t hungry at all just wanted to try something ;i can notice as everything in the menu its a bit overpriced and as starters few choices , exactly 6 choices so i went for a pate en croute,pustachio and pickled black berryes (not on my taste all) i atache a photo as well to see how is looked

Was a waste of money about 12-13£ then for main meal i ve choosed flammed scotish salmon 28£ which i really enjoyed ,very tasty and nicely cook with a sorel sauce..yummy yummy ; and my husband a nice dry aged Herefod beef fillet with some onion rings and grilled onion plus home made chips (tasty as well ) his meal.

Peoples cames and go all the time, its busy but enough space to feel comfortable so we spend there about 2.5 h ,we had a dessert as well some kind of carabean cake i think was the name cames with some cream and icecream very very good i think its cost about 9 £ ,plus some lemonade ,some cokes our bill touch was 115£ with 12.5% service charge also.

We enjoyed few good hours at another level of London (37,38,39-the terase) was nice we recomended if you want something more special with a good views (you can see the London eye far,tower bridge and all the nice lights around the city of London) but not recomended if you are hungry!(recommended as a romantic restaurant also?

About parking we found in the back of the hotel a parking place we paid 10┬ú no receipt­čśâ but once in a while you can treat yourself outside in a special place.

If you have been here or another wonderful restaurant with good views and vibes share with me your experience!

lots of love!­čĺľ

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