crocodile!Did you know??

Did you knew about the crocodiles ,that they are the only animals,which can t put their tongue out of their mounth?!🤔🤔

You think they are friendly?no..😁

they are aggressive and just slow when they are out of water.The male crocodile can be 3 metres long and the female only 2 metres ,but can be some exceptions as well and we can see in salty waters huge croccodile like 4 5 metres.

They are aggressive only if you get closer as a reaction of your action they just want ro protect themselves but most of us believe that the crocodiles eat people.😁😁 (i dont want to get to closer ,when i been in Mexico i had the occasion to get closer but no interest🙄😉)

Another thing we have to know about their big and strong teeths is that they change their dentition maybe 40 times in life;

they have 24 big and sharp teeths not made for chew but for catch and smash everything.

You think they have something to do with the dinosaur familly or not?🤔🤔

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  1. I love crocodiles! Not really related to dinosaurs though… 🙂

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