Barbecoa-St paul’s

It was Valentine’s day and ,of course, me and my husband we had a date out ,we had dinner in Barbecoa by Jamie’s Oliver menu of grilled british and irish meats plus a extensive list of American whiskies and very good cocktails.

I am very happy always to have a dinner just me and my husband in a good place (love is in the air,i am a very romantic person ,veryyyy) so i get ready and gooo,our booking was for 9.45pm and we was lucky we find a parking place just in front of the restaurant and lets see whats going on😁.

My husband looks very handsome so i can t wait to have some moments together 💖.

You can see behind us St Paul’s cathedral; restaurant have lots of windows with good views outside and to the cathedral.
Our table was against a window through which a very nice view of Saint Paul’s Cathedral provided the backdrop to our meal.

The restaurant is black on black, soft yellow lighting, and wood block features throughout.
The vibe is cozy and casual..i feel special anyway when i go out with my husband, but the restaurant was complimentary to our date.

Staff and our waiter was very attentive,super kind and friendly, reccomend to us few things and explain everything obout how is cooked the food or how is served to the table,ask always if everything is ok ,if we like our meals ( similar with the restaurant from Rome,where waiters and owners cares a lot about their clients).

We choose few starters olives and calamari, then my husband of course a T bone dry aged plus chips (he is a big meat lover) me i ve picked a cod fish which coming togheter with grilled octopus ,white beans and some romesco sauce ,2 super tasty desserts and cocktails cherry blossom.

Everything was perfect ,food delicious,good views,excelent experience so i really reccomend it this venue!( at least a glass of wine and a steak and you will not be disappointed).

Good job Jamie Oliver.

You share with me your experiences from london and make me a reccomandation.

Lots of love to my fallowers💖💖💖💖💖


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