Weekend in Tudor park Marriott Hotel

Right now here..very excited about this hotel and very surprised, in good way,to see how many people are taking a break of the busy life from London .

Me and me husband,trying to have a full charge battery in the middle of nature ,lots of green fields around,people playing golf or another ones just enjoying the sunshine; we are very happy about surrounding places just 5 min by car Leeds Castle and a lake and the hotel i didn’t mention how nice it is ,fantastic.

We are fans of Marriot and members of this hotels so we decide to see one from uk,and we are excited about our choice,everything is perfect 4 star Hotel with inside swimming pool, sauna,steamer,massage ,what else would you like for relaxing and to not forget about the restaurant which have very tasty meals.

i will let you few photos and i m coming back with more.

lots of love people x


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