Leeds Castle-900 years old (celebration)

Leeds Castel a nice a old castel surounded by lakes and lots of bird is situated in Kent, 5 milles soytheast fron Maidstone. it is built on islands in a lake formed by River Len to the east of the village of Leeds still take you in old times and make you remember about hisyory and how royal families was living 800-900 years ago.I visited 2 weeks ago and i spend a lovely time going back in time and then just stayed on the grass in the garden next to the Castel,was so nice and i highly recommended to visit the places from outside London as well.

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  1. Wow thank you for this trip! Such beautiful pictures ­č弭čśŐ


    1. you are welcome x
      And is much more there just i cant show in photos enough,i really beautiful and big rooms x

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  2. It is a moat that surrounds the castle with a drawbridge. When heads of state stay there, they pull it up for security. I lived close by for 40 years. Work just around the corner from it. ­čśŐ


    1. ohh so nice to hear that x
      its so much nature there is just lovely­čĺľ


      1. One of the prettiest castles, although I love Warwick castle, just 2 miles from my daughter’s home.


      2. is on my list ,i like very old castels its lot s of history about them and i just imagine all that people’s (kings,queens living there)


      3. My daughter buys the family years pass.


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