Santorini my choice for this Summer

Hello Friends!

Today i need my travellers friends which one they’ve been to Santorini-Greece.

Guys i believe its an amazing experience to step up on greek land and have that beautiful views which one i m keep seeing them all over the social media ,blue roof white house …hmm so romantic to go with my husband and walk up and down in Santorini.

The thing is i didn’t choose my hotel yet so my question is where should we accommodate in Santorini, have anyone any advice for me ,which it will be the best area to stay maybe any hotel name also.

Its so hard to pick one ,i would like to be near the beach ,near restaurants not very very quiet place ,so what it will be your recommendation for me???

waiting for ideas

lots of love from London,uk 💜💙


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  1. We stayed at Astra Suites last October in Imerovigili for 3 days. We absolutely loved it and we are staying there again in September. It is not on a beach but there are beautiful views of the caldera and the Rock of Skaros. If you want to see pictures you can check it out on my Santorini blog post. I am absolutely in love with Santorini and I can’t wait to go back there!!!

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    1. thank you !i would really like to have a nice view from my room ♥️
      its so hard to decide


      1. It is a hard decision!!

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      2. but i think any place would be good ♥️


  2. Perissa, near the beach.


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